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Time Slots System

prodefinity time slots www.timeslots.prodefinity.com

Time Slots - www.timeslots.prodefinity.com (click for more)

Time Slots is the software for companies that need to organize and schedule optimally the working time of their warehouses and warehousemen. The System allows the supplier to sign up for loading and unloading in the free time slots. The contractor sees the available hours in the system and chooses a convenient time slot. Then (s)he can plan its own transport process in such a way to be on time at the destination. Warehouse employees do not have to spend time organizing the schedule, records and responding to unexpected events. The Time Slots System does this automatically.

Access to the system is provided both to the sender and the carriers performing delivery orders. Such organization of the warehouse operation ensures even workload distribution on the loading ramps and the elimination of queues of trucks at the warehouse.

The whole process of advising (submitting the data of the vehicle, the driver's name and choosing the free time slot) takes less than a minute. Multiple channels of communication with the system (web service, email reminders and text message notifications) ensures that the information on any event reach the participants of the process quickly. Such an event can be any distortion of the standard process, such as a failure, lack of goods or space at the sender’s. In addition to the notification about the event, the user also receives information on any additional (non-standard) actions that are required.

TimeSlots System video